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Brilliant minds production academy is  the first Non-Profit Production academy in the Houston Texas Area that will provide Hands on training in the following fields

 Video/ Film production

 Video/Film editing

 Set dressing


 wardrobe Costume


 Script writing

Story Boarding

CGI Training

And so much more! 


Well now your chance has arrived, at Brilliant Minds Production Academy we can make that desire come to life. We are the first Non-Profit Production School in the Houston area. So if you have a passion for being in movies or just making them, you are in the right place to let your creativity and Brilliance shine. There are many Parts to filmmaking and each part plays a significant role. 

At Brilliant Minds Production Academy we will teach you each part of filmmaking that will give you the knowledge to create your own Masterpiece.

Brilliant Minds Production Academy 

We are a 501 3(c) Non Profit Organization with the goal of allowing our students the chance to learn first hand Movie Film and Music Production. Brilliant Minds Production Academy was Founded in 2017. 

Our Founder Mr Andre Mosley Sr worked in Production for over 20 years. He decided to share his knowledge by forming a world class Non Profit school dedicated to the fine arts.  

Building a better future 

Brilliant Minds Production Academy is Dedicated in helping young adults that are leaving the foster care system with:

  • Transitional Housing 
  • Extended Educational Opportunities
  • GED Services
  • Health Services
  • Job Placement ​

Behind The Camera

Being behind the camera is an important part of the movie making process. We teach you the fundamentals of film making so you can become that great storyteller. With our professional Instructors you can rest assured that you will have the best instruction so you can brilliantly shine. 

Hands On Training 

At our state of the art studio we provide hands on training for all our students. you will learn the basics and then have your turn in showcasing your talent. Your learning and showing us what you have learned.  You will learn from the best the ins and out s of editing and sound recording

Your life is a Movie Make it a Masterpiece . Your life is like a song Make it a Grammy . Be the Creator of your life Support Brilliant Minds Production Academy. Because you have a Brilliance that is waiting to shine.

Come Join Us

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Our Office is Located at 16642 Mablethorpe Lane

Houston Texas


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Send  Donations to 

Brilliant Minds Production Academy

PO Box 90735

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We are a Non-Profit School

Want to do more then great things. then Donate to bring this school to life.  Your Tax Exempt donations will help to make our school Brilliant. Let's not just do great things lets do something Brilliant.

What To Do Next

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